faq Why transfer to DVD?
  A: The DVD-video format has a life expectancy of at least 100 years. MiniDV Videotapes are still a magnetic medium and will fade away. DVDs are not recorded as a magnetic medium but by using a tiny laser, creating microscopic pits into the recording surface that lies underneath a protective clear coating. Most videotapes of any format will be unplayable 20 years after being recorded. A videotape wears out a little every time it is played. A DVD can be played over and over without wearing out at all because, while playing, nothing actually ever touches the playable part of a DVD except the light from the laser. The earlier your home videos are transferred to DVD, the better quality the original video images/sound are likely to produce.

faq Can I convert to a digital format?
  A: We highly recommend digital conversion due to its popular .mp4 format that can be accessed in all devices: iPhones, Androids, Macs and Windows PCs. If selecting a digital conversion option, please provide a flash drive 16 gig or higher when bringing in the order. All video content will be organized in folders where each tape converted has its own folder. Images of the tape cover or images of captions and writings on the tape itself will be stored in each folder as well. For a limited time conversion to digital format is $16.99 for a tape up to 2 hours in length.

faq What formats can you convert to DVD?
  A: We can handle any home movie video tape including miniDV, 8mm, Hi-8, Digital 8mm, DVCAM, etc, as well as memory cards and files on CD’s and hard drives. We create digital scrapbooks and photo montages from your photographs, digital photos, or slides.  We can also add music and narration that we transfer from your CD or record here in our studio.
European PAL video format is currently not supported for conversion.

faq Will your DVD be compatible with my DVD player?
  A: Our DVD disc will play in almost all standalone DVD players in use today. If your DVD player was purchased after 2001 and can read DVD-R discs, it is very likely that your DVD player is compatible with our discs.

faq Will the quality of my footage be enhanced?
  A: For Archive DVD orders, the service is strictly a transfer service. Footage will not be enhanced. For home movie, custom events and prints to DVD, the footage and images can be enhanced, showing more vibrant colors and reduced scratches, dust and lint on the film surface. Additional charges may apply.

faqWhat can not be duplicated?

  A: In general VHS to DVD Services can not legally duplicate any of the following materials:
1) Tapes of programs which may have been rented or recorded from television, laser disc or any broadcast source as movies, television shows, news programs, or something similar.
2) Commercial tapes for which the customer is not the producer or copyright holder as videos, music videos, etc.
3) Computer software as operating system, word processors, or image processors.
4) Movies with adult content.

faq How long do transfers take?
  A: Most of transfer orders are currently being will be serviced in about 1 business day. Turn around time on custom orders will depend on the specific project and will be provided with the initial estimate.  Please contact us for details.

faq How much will "_____" cost?
  A: Our price for Personal VHS to DVD Conversion is located here. Custom estimates are provided for orders that don’t fall within the parameters of one of our packages, including most business services,  and can be obtained by phone
(216-394-1482) or in person consultation (call for an appointment).

faq How do I know which product to choose?
  A: It is really going to depend on your intentions for the finished product. The best way to decide is to call for a free consultation and discuss your specific project. We will help you determine the most cost effective way to get the quality and creativity you desire for your personal or business needs.